Journey released

The Journey

The genre-agnostic track “Journey” is now out on Spotify, Apple Music and more. This track really doesn’t fit into any specific genre I think, but is a mix of several. If I had to choose a name for it it would probably be organic house.

This track started out as a remix, but since it didn’t get picked up and considering the amount of time I put into it, I decided to remix my own remix and release it myself.

Strings, pads and bass

Since this was initially a remix I already had the key and chord progression laid out, but I didn’t want to use any of the original sounds. Usually I start with drums or bass but with this tune I started with the  strings and pad-sounds, which was fine for the remix but ended up getting changed later. Anyways, the string section consist of two layers, one from Massive and one from the Korg M1. The pad I created in Serum, it’s a really simple patch, just a few saws slightly detuned and a filter modulated by a slow LFO. Next up was the bassline and for that I used my Moog Minitaur. I love how inconsistent the Minitaur is, not one bounce sounds exactly like the other. It’s a saw and a square, slightly detuned and for the wobble I used a combination of LFO Tool going from 1/4 to 1/8 and automating the cutoff on the Minitaur itself. Note to self, bounce the Minitaur track separately next time since bouncing in real-time is a pain. After getting the bass and strings to work together I decided to move on to the drums.


The drums all come from Battery 4 and the Timeless Glow expansion. I usually select Kick 2 for the kicks, but I found one in TG that really worked. Not to clicky or boomy but still had a nice presence in the mix. I wanted the groove to be slightly laid back so I didn’t do 16th hats and made the snare feel really lazy when combining it with the same sample in reverse. The drum-track is really simple in this one and it was just a matter of layering and un-layering hits. There are some reverse crashes and regular crashes but nothing special at all.

Vocal samples

I wanted some vocal elements in the track (the original was completely instrumental) and went hunting for some one shots. Found one in the TG expansion and the rest of them are from various Loopmasters packs. There’s a ton of processing going on between them. There’s some pitch and formant shifting, delays, long ass reverbs and stuff. I wanted to more or less cut out the dry signal for that ethereal vibe. When I started out there were a lot more occurrences of the samples in the track but the track was already repetitive enough in itself so I decided to cut a lot of them out.


The main “body” of the breakdown are the organs. It’s just chopped up pieces of the main chord progression. For the sounds I went with an organic sampled organ from Kontakt for the lower register and I created a patch in Serum for the top part. I think the work really well together. The Serum patch is a sinewave being FM’d from a secondary sine with some LFO-modulated filters, delays and distortion. There is also a Soundtoys Pan-Man on there.


The Minimoog-esque lead came about very late in the process. In fact, I was quite happy with the track without it but I played around in GetLow from Standalone-Music and came across this preset and I felt it really matched the organic and analog feel of the track. The lead is automated and after the breakdown, doubled. The glide was done with the pitch wheel, nothing fancy.

Extra processing

There were a lot of unpleasant resonances in basically all of the sounds apart from the drums in this track, so Fabfilters Pro-Q2 was heavily used all over. Pro-C2 was used for control and The Glue was being mixed into on the masterbus. Main send delay and reverb is Echoboy and Pro-R.


After The Glue I inserted another Pro-Q2 to cut the very lows and highs. There a small boost at 60Hz on the mid and at 8k on the sides with cuts at 200hz and 2k. After the EQ there is a Pro-MB in three-band mode just to control stuff in a very subtle way. For saturation I decided to try out the J37 from Waves instead of my usual go-to Saturn, and I really liked it. I’m all about subtlety on the master so the J37 isn’t doing all that much. Oh, if you ever use the J37 don’t forget to turn of the noise. I don’t really get why Waves insist of putting white noise in their plugins. For loudness I use my go-to’s K-Clip Pro and Pro-L2 and I master at -14LUFS integrated.

Name and cover

The name Journey was in part inspired by the amazing photo selected for the cover by @viska_photos. But it was also a word that resonated with me when composing the track. It just made sense I guess.