Production update

Having a day job and a baby at home really puts a dent in the production rate at the moment, but it’s all good. The studio has been upgraded with a new iMac Pro, a Komplete S49 MkII keyboard and a new OWC Thunderbolt 3 enclosure to which I migrated all project-files and sample libraries. The setup is really working great, and the UAD Apollo Twin is so much more stable then the previous Apogee Duet. Sorry Apogee, but you kinda dropped the ball.

Production-wise I have a few projects in the making. I’ve created a remix for Disconun which will be released soon I hope and I also finished a remix for a remix competition which I’m very happy with. Fingers crossed.

I also have a couple of new Matt Avall tracks in the making. Expect some deep house, psytrance and acid house coming up. There’s also a new MA track in the works in the liquid vocal drum and bass variety. I have no clue which to track to finish first though. Watch this space 🙂

//Matt Avall