Bebop 909 released!

This retrostyled deep house track was a nightmare to finish. When I started this track the goal was to only use the TR-909 analog sounds for all percussion, and at least one Korg M1 track. I used the brilliant ADM from Audiorealism for drums and the Korg M1 plugin for the phasey electric piano. The basslines were made in Serum. The TR-909 is brilliant for house music, but also very dry and boring unprocessed so there are tons of processing going on there. Izotope Imager for widening, Fabfilter Pro-R for space, Waves Doubler for the claps and some other bits and bobs. The 909 kick is super thumpy and pokey but I refused to use anything but the ADM, so I had to cut a lot of stuff out of it. The kick is more or less the only element in the track I’m not 100% satisfied with. I also wanted the basslines to swing with the hats and shakers which made the sidechaining feel kinda weird, but I think the groove turned out ok at the expense of some slight low frequency clashes. Nothing major though, I hope 🙂

Mastering-wise I used my “standard” chain consisting of Cytomics The Glue, Fabfilters Pro-Q2 and Saturn, K-Clip Pro from Kazrog and finally Fabfilters Pro-L. I  master using the K-12 scale in conjunction with aiming for -14 to -12 lufs. I like dynamics 🙂